The Veterinary Training Camp

Pre Vet/Nurse Students - Veterinary Work Experience

One place per training camp is reserved for people considering becoming a veterinary surgeon or nurse. This place is awarded by application only. Please send no more than 1 page describing what attracts you to this profession, any previous experience you have and what you hope to gain from attending Veterinary Training Camp. Applications should be sent to

On completion of the camp we would be happy to provide references for people wishing to apply to veterinary courses.

Attendees can expect to observe many surgeries throughout the 5 day course. There will be the opportunity to interact with members of the veterinary profession and find out what this career choice involves.

During the veterinary work experience, course attendees can expect the following topics to be covered:

  • Introduction to basic anatomy and physiology
  • Behaviour and body language
  • Principles of asepsis
  • Care of surgical equipment
  • Basic handling skills
  • Population control
  • Parasitolgy and treatments
Other topics may be covered and the course may vary slightly between camps depending on the cases which are brought to the shelter.

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