The Veterinary Training Camp

Dr. Petrisor Stefan DVM

Dr. Stefan graduated first in his year from the University of Bucharest in 2006. He along with his brother owns two successful veterinary clinics located in Bucharest and Craiova (

His areas of special interest include orthopaedics, ultrasound and parasitology. He is currently developing modern techniques for the neutering of companion animals and is working towards minimising peri operative and post operative complications through the use of a combination of advanced surgical techniques, appropriate materials and drug usage. He is continually applying this knowledge to his main interest of population control.

Dr. Petrisor is a leading veterinary expert for Animal Spay and Neuter International (ASNI), ( and has been instrumental in numerous neutering projects both in his home country of Romania as well as abroad in countries such as Greece and the USA.

He is the co founder with Dr Aurelian Stefan of World Animal Veterinary Emissaries (WAVE), an organisation that promotes animal welfare throughout the world through performing free neutering clinics and veterinary treatment.

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