The Veterinary Training Camp

Veterinary Surgeons

The veterinary surgeon course is perfect for vets who want to improve their routine surgery skills and learn neutering techniques which allow optimum patient recovery with minimal complications.
Many vets chose to participate in neutering projects abroad after graduation. These often provide minimal surgical guidance and support. They also can require a minimum standard of surgical competence with an emphasis of length of surgery rather than the quality of the surgical techniques. At the Veterinary Training Camp importance is placed on surgical technique. Support and guidance is offered depending on the individuals requirements.

Places for each camp are strictly limited to 6 veterinary surgeons to allow each participant sufficient individual guidance and surgical experience.

The aim of the course is to improve your surgical technique for routine procedures such as bitch speys and dog castrates. You will also be able to select and use tools and materials which are appropriate for each case.

Subject Areas

  • Pre operative assessment
  • Behaviour, body language and handling
  • Selection of surgical instruments
  • Surgical techniques
  • Suture material selection, use and suture patterns
  • Potential complications to routine surgeries, peri and post operatively
  • Midline spay vs. flank spay

The surgeries you will be performing will be mostly bitch spays although there is likely to be opportunities for other surgeries depending upon the dogs which are brought to the shelter. Course content may vary slightly between camps depending upon the cases which are available to us.

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